Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My First Post- My big bunting project

My First Post!

My Big Bunting Project

I started work last week on a big and colorful project for my SIL Lisa's up coming wedding. She will be marring a wonderful guy named Kevin, this July in Portland, Oregon. They recently bought a home in Portland together, and are overjoyed to have their ceremony, at nearby Mt. Tabor. The reception will be at their home, in a block party Portland styled hoe down! Complete with a band, food trucks, and hay bales! 

Lisa has decided on a red and turquoise color scheme (love!) I happily offered to help her plan her decor. I have had a blast day dreaming, pinning away on pinterest, and skyping with her on every detail. Its wonderful! I love weddings!

So I am making her some bunting. Actually, I am making a lot of bunting! About 250 ft of it I think. I am not exactly certain but its quite a bit. The plan is for it to define the dance area in the street which is 30 ft x 60 ft.  So that's 180 ft there, and they will need more to decorate the band tent, house, etc. 

So I started with 10 yards of white muslin fabric (100% cotton- $1.99 a yard)

 I cut out a triangle template 10x10x10 inches and invested in some nice pinking shears and cut away into the night.

 The next morning I worked on dyeing them red and turquoise. I used 5 gallon buckets and RIT fabric dye. I started with "Cherry Red" and "Teal."  However the "Teal" color turned out very green. We couldn't have that! So I added a small amount of blue.

I was delighted when I achieved just the right color turquoise!


I rinsed and dried the colorful little dyed triangles.



Pressed them.


Rather than binding, I ironed a crease down the middle of some long, matching, red ribbon and started sewing a zig-zag stitch with matching, red tread.


I am amazed how quickly this project has gone! In only a few hours of sewing, (a little the last couple evenings) I have finished 100ft. That's 5, 20ft rolls of ribbon. I bought more ribbon to start on tomorrow, and will probably need to make and dye more triangles, but this project has been a breeze. I love to sew, and day dream about Lisa and Kevin's big day, how fun our week in Portland will be, and what a cute flower girl Madilyn will make! 

Pics of the bunting in action at the wedding soon to come!!








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