Tuesday, March 15, 2016

2016 Check In

Hello Blog! It's been too long! I was at my first East Bay Artist's Guild meeting, and I heard Lisa Fulmer give a fabulous talk on self promotion. She is very pro-blog, which reminded me...I have a blog!
So here we go!
2016 ~  Acrylic with Digital Design by Michelle Cicala

I am super excited to be in the year of 2016! 2015 was wonderful! I picked up a paint brush again, and made the goal of being in an art show. That goal was realized very quickly. I showed my artwork at SWAN Day in Martinez, The Concord Art and Wine Walk, did a very fun RAW Artists show in San Francisco, and a Holiday Show at the Concord library. All were wonderful learning experiences, and had very different vibes. The last show I did right before the holidays was my most successful yet, as far as selling my work.

Handmade For the Holidays Show at the Concord Library ~ 2015
So now its, 2016. My goal for this year, is to continue developing my own original concepts. I feel like one painting leads to another, and I am following a tread, or flow of consciousness. I want to see where this goes, and work on exploring techniques along the way.
To start this year with a bang, I was so thrilled to be invited to small show called Sight/Unseen that will be held in April. It is such an affirmative experience to go from hoping to show my art in 2015, to being personally invited to a show in January of 2016. I feel like it is a pat on the back from the Universe.

"The Great Beluga" this was a nickname we had for my Dad. My first painting of 2016.

This January, I also joined both the East Bay Artist's Guild, and the Concord Art Association. I was able to get a babysitter to watch the girls on Tuesday, and see a fabulous ink presentation by Keri Luiz. It was great to see her show her favorite materials, and techniques. I also got a kick out of her explaining 1970's hot rod artist Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, the creator of Rat Fink, to the older members of our group. It is cool to see that although an artist style may not be our cup of tea, we can all still appreciate the technique, and talent that goes into it.

"Rat Fink" by Ed Roth

 This was my first time participating in the CCA mini art show, where members are encouraged to bring a piece they recently finished. There were some very nice pieces displayed. I brought a painting I finished a few weeks ago called, "Paisley Bear in the Peonies" We all got to vote for our favorite 2, by secret ballot. During the break they presented ribbons to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. It was super fun! No ribbon for me this time. -That would be too easy! I look forward to getting to know this great group of local artists and bringing home a ribbon sometime in the future.
To see the art from the mini show use this link:

Paisley Bear in Peonies~ Original Acrylic painting on 11 x17 canvas

I joined the East Bay Artist's Guild after hearing about a show they were doing at the lovely Pleasant Hill Senior Center, called Flora and Fauna. I joined the show was able to display my "I woke up this way" painting there. 

I woke up like this ~ Original acrylic painting on 16" x 20" canvas
When I arrived to drop off my piece for the show, I was so impressed by how kind, friendly, and talented this group is. They made me feel so welcome and supported, even when my canvas was found to not have the proper wiring. One of the men went to the trouble of getting a tool box out of his trunk and wiring my canvas for me. He also gave me some great tips on wiring and acrylic gloss. 
My first time attending a East Bay Artist's Guild meeting, it was so good. Lisa Fulmer presented her wealth of information on mixed media products that are funky, inspiring, and so wonderful. I have known her for a little while now so it was great to hear about her back ground with the craft industry and marketing experience. 
I am feeling so blessed to be a part of this vibrant artist community in the East Bay. I feel that I am getting involved at the perfect time, because the Concord art scene is blossoming and there is plenty of opportunity for my artwork to find its space. I am looking forward to a very creative 2016!
~ Thanks for reading!

Lord Surya- Sun Lion ~ 16x20 original acrylic painting on canvas

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