Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Garden Party Bridal Shower

A beautiful day to celebrate the bride!

 Family, friends, a few fun games, yummy food, and a sweet candy buffet, helped to create a beautiful afternoon garden bridal shower. The weather was gorgeous and of course so was the decor!

The shower was held back east, in Wilmington, Delaware, at my in-laws beautiful home and garden.  On the deck we used a tent to shade the buffet from the sunshine. Sweet berry flavored water, and a novel gin cucumber lemonade, were offered with colorful straws, and mason jars, for refreshment.

A selection of hearty, healthy, and flavorful salads were perfect for the warm weather. One of my favorites was a Greek pasta salad, with shrimp and feta made by one of the brides friends. It was delicious! Here's a link to her recipe.

As for the buffet decor- we used a simple vase of red roses, burlap bunting with the day of the wedding date carefully painted on, printed red cloth napkins, and a brightly colored table cloth to pull it all together! The bunting banner was carried over from the engagement party that was held in Portland last January.

One of the highlights of the shower were the colorful French macarons, from Aux Petits Delices, a fabulous French bakery in Wayne, PA. There was much discussion about the difference between a macaroon, and French macaron, -besides the spelling. I can say I prefer the French ones! They came in rose, lavender, pistachio, salted caramel, and chocolate flavors.  Selected for color coordination they proved to be much more than just pretty!

We  rented a tent for the yard, and used slightly different sized round tables, each seating 3 people to create a garden party/bistro setting. I used old school crape paper streamers to bring in lots of bright fun colors. 

 An assortment of potted daises were used for the center pieces.


The wedding colors are red and turquoise so we emphasized those but also added some hot pink, green, and yellow to give this event its own distinct feeling. 

I think decor for the engagement party, shower, and rehearsal should all flow. The main function of these events is to celebrate the bride and groom, but they are also an opportunity for guest to get acquainted before the big day, and get a taste of what to expect as far as formality and decor on the wedding day.

Madilyn helping with candy selections :)

A gift table and candy buffet were front in center, with a fun throne for the bride's seat as the focal point. The candy buffet was so fun to put together! Colorful containers, and an assortment of sweets doubled as eye candy and a party favor.  The guest carried their treats home with green and white chevron patterned bags, that we personalized with an adorable tandem bike stamp.

 Just for fun, the bride to be was given sash, veiled tiara, and giant diamond ring to wear as she opened her gifts. She glowed away happily, as we showered her with love, and laughter. The excitement grew as guests chatted about their  up coming flights and accommodations for the wedding- just a few weeks away!
 As the party dwindled it was nice to hear the guests depart with a cheerful goodbye saying, "See you in Portland!!"


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