Thursday, January 22, 2015

 The Divine Mother Series

By Michelle Cicala

I took some time off. I didn't plan to stop painting for a year, it just happened.  I was a new mom, pregnant, and mourning the loss of my sweet Dad.  I was still making things - dolls, dresses, mobiles - for my girls and for my Etsy store, but I had no urge to pick up a paint brush.
Moon Goddess

A few months after Amelia was born, there was a shift.  One night after my little family was all tucked in, I found myself sketching! Soft simple feminine forms, embracing their children. Nurturing and loving their children. Mothers ~ Goddesses and babies!  
Mother Goddess

I was reminded of the simple line drawings of the Athabascan artwork my parents collected when we lived in Alaska. Round, simple figures, performing everyday tasks. Primitive, tribal, familiar.

 Traveling Home

 I started to paint. It flowed. I was excited! Sometimes, the baby would cry and I have to would stop in mid-stroke. Sometimes, she sat in my lap and nursed, like she is now. In the mornings after breakfast, my 2 year old, Madilyn, and I would paint together. 


Mother with Twins 
I am extremely pleased with this series. These Divine Mothers are so lovely to me. I feel that my prayer has been heard, and that my gratitude has been expressed.  I feel ecstatic to be painting again!  I am especially grateful to have found my process.  A way to make time for myself, and for my art.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share it with you!
Love and Light,
Michelle Cicala
 The Divine Mother Series is available in my Etsy Shop.

My Prayer of Gratitude:

The Divine Mother's healing current, 

flows through our hearts as compassion, 

it fills our bodies with sweet nourishment, 

and blesses our spirit with her divine wisdom, 

and the wisdom of all mothers

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