Tuesday, October 18, 2016

 Autumn's Muse

Fall is here!! I love it! You love it! We ALL love Fall!
I was thrilled to participate in a wonderful art show at the end of September celebrating the magic of fall, called Autumn's Muse. 

The show was held at the funky Mystic Eye Studio on Haight Street in San Francisco. The Mystic Eye is the studio of talented, Cameron Chernoff.  You can peep his website and cosmic artwork here... http://mysticeyestudio.com

Inspired by the magical theme of the show I created 4 new paintings. Embracing my Wiccan roots, each painting is a spell and features a powerful totem and many other magical properties, inspired by this shadowy season. 

The Raven’s Alter”

Magical Properties:

 Raven Spirit Guide-

A keeper of magical secrets, known for its abilities to tell the future and read omens. It is known to fly between the dark and light and bring messages from the Spirit world.

 Deer Antler-

Symbol of gentleness unconditional love, & kindness

 Rune Cast-

-Spiritual Warrior

 Citron Crystal

Clears negative energy

 Pink Tourmaline Crystal-

Brings balance & alignment for spiritual growth

"The Spider’s Alter”

Magical Properties:

 Spider Spirit Guide-

Power, Mystery, & Growth.

Grandmother spider is the sacred weaver of the Web of Life. She is the Beginning, but also the End.

 The Flower of Life-

An ancient form of Sacred Geometry that represents Time, Space, & the connection of all beings

 Raven Skull-

The Raven is known as a messenger for the spirit world, and balance of dark and light.

 Garnet Stone-

Can purify the body and grant protection

“The Owl’s Alter”

Magical Properties:

 Owl Spirit Guide-

A guide to Shamans with detailed knowledge of Spiritual Realms.

 Dream Catcher-

Our dreams are messages from Spirit.

The dream catcher lets thru these messages, while catching the bad dreams

 Maple Leaves-

Symbol of grace during transition. Surrender

"The Black Cat’s Alter”
Magical Properties:

 Cat Spirit Guide-

 Sensitive and sensual, Black Cat teaches courage to explore the unknown. They possess natural magical powers, & harmony between light & dark, action & observation, tame & wild

 White Sage Smudge-

Clearing, calming, & purifying. Cleanses space of negative energy.

 Carnelian Stones-

Brings Empowerment, Prosperity, & Grounding

 Turkey Feathers-

Symbol of Abundance
 Rune Cast-
-Interconnectedness with humankind
-Mystery & occult abilities
-Great victory, power, & success
 Deer Antler-
Symbol of gentleness unconditional love, & kindness
 Oak Acorns-
Symbol of fertility & protection

The Autumn's Muse show was an intimate night of amazing artwork and incredible music. I was thrilled to see my sweet friend Isaiah Douglas perform again. Isaiah organized the show, played a great set on his acoustic guitar and is also a member of The Open World Tribe, who also performed. His music is full of soul, powerful affirmations, and beautiful imagery. 

This was my first time seeing The Open World Tribe. They are a fantastic group, who filled the studio with their amazing music and so much joy! You can check them out at their super cool website here....  theopenworldtribe.com

I am so honored to have been part of this event. It was fantastic to see the space fill with strangers, and by the end of the evening it was humming with excitement as new relationships and friendship were made. Art and music are such a unifying force, and truly does bring us together.

 Have a magical Fall!!


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