Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Live Painting at the Aumakua Heart Center

We are blessed to know a very special family. Lani Lee and her children have become our dear friends, and we are so grateful for them. They created the Aumakua Heart Center. "A Spiritual based community dedicated to the growth of love, acceptance, and awakening of our true selves." They hold beautiful gatherings once a month, each explores an expression of spirituality.  The gatherings also include drumming, meditation, and enjoying delicious vegan food. My family and I love them.  You can find out more about the Aumakua Gatherings at their website.... http://www.aumakuaheartcenter.com/

My family has attended the Aumakua's Spring equinox gathering, prosperity gathering, & Kundilini to name a few. I was honored to have the experience of live painting at their recent gathering about Shamanic Journey. I absolutely love shamanic journey meditation. It is a practice that resonates deeply in me. I was blessed to practice this sacred meditation frequently when I lived in South Florida, and form an intimate bond with my spirit guides through this practice. 

My shamanic journeys are usually very powerful and familiar...You can read about my journeys in one of my older blog posts called Spirit Bears.
This journey was facilitated by the talented Destiny Eurkus, a Shamanic coach and healer. You can check out her beautiful website here...http://riverswithin.com/

There is something magical and enthralling about seeing someone painting live. It usually draws a crowd. Who hasn't spent an hour or two watching Bob Ross paint "happy trees".  Inspired by Bob, and artists like Amanda Sage, and Alex Grey, I was thrilled to try it!

I sketched out my painting at home first. I would have been way to nervous to do it on the spot. I set up my easel, paints, and a few paintings, and got to work. As I painted the room filled with beautiful people, burning sage, and music. I painted as they drummed, and the energy shifted to sacred space. It was wonderful to stop and talk to people about their spirit animals, and shamanic journey as I worked. When Destiny began the journey I stopped and joined the group. My journey once again an amazing, nurturing, and profound experience, best described by my finished piece....

Thanks for reading!

Blessed Be!

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