Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mom's Vibe

Home is where your Mom is. At least that's how it is for me. I sometimes reminisce about the houses I grew up in. I would love to know if my childhood cabin that my Dad built, is still a ranger station in Alaska. I love to visit the house in Florida on Lake Pioneer my parents built, where my Grammy still lives. Sometimes, I get sad that the house my family shared together in Colorado is no longer standing, but then I go to my Mom's and I remember she is really my home.


She moved from Reno 3 years ago, where she had been for 10 years. That is unheard of in my family, because we tend to move every 3-6 years or so. Usually, when we move, we move BIG, and this was a biggie. My Mom has lived in 2 of the most remote and un-populated places you can find in America- the Alaskan Interior & Central Nevada.

See...no dots!!

    My Mom fell in love with a sweet and adventurous man name Gary. Together the sold their houses, and started a new life together in the Arc Dome Wilderness of Central Nevada. It is a magical place with an amazing energy. Far from cities and towns, the stars are breathtaking, the air is full of sage, and there is a quiet serenity. We call it the Vortex.

Oma and Opa with the girls

Mom and Gary are dreamers in every sense, and the Vortex is perfect fodder. Having no experience, but big dreams, they designed and built a beautiful farm from the ground up. It is home to 20 alpacas, 8 great Pyrenees guardian dogs, 9 chickens, 1 roaster, a few barn cats and 2 German shepherds. The animals of their farm are cared for with constant love and compassion.

As they live this dream, they continue to dream, talking of creating spiritual retreats, building a tee-pee, digging a pond, selling it all and traveling, they dream, and they dream, and they dream. And it is all possible. It is manifestation.

Dreams manifest

When I am with my Mom I feel at home, comfortable, and at peace. Now that I am a Mom I watch her with new eyes. I see how she does little things to make us feel welcome and show she is excited for us to be there. Extra care she puts into making our beds, preparing our rooms, games, and toys she gets for the girls. I watch how she interacts with my girls. Engaging them in almost every chore, and activity. I see how important she makes Madilyn feel to help her Oma. I see how her day ebbs and flows from rest, to work and productivity, back to rest again. I am inspired by how she does small tasks through out the day that I don't even realize if I don't watch closely. ~She is talking to me laughing, but wiping off the counter. She is telling a story, while she straightens a cupboard. She dreaming out loud, while she waters her garden. I love this about my Mom. I tend to have an all or nothing attitude about the maintenance and chores in my life. I think I have to set aside an hour to clean or work on my house. My Mom blends it into her day with ease and grace.

She and Gary have created a special place, in a special place. I am so grateful to have this place get centered and grounded, through work, play, rest, and time with my family. This post is simply to express my immense gratitude to my Mom the dreamer, and for the Vortex.

~My Mom recently started selling her beautiful alpaca fiber and yarn. You can check it out here... https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlueSpringsAlpacas

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